Posted on: October 22, 2008 6:28 pm

5 Simple Things to Healthy Life!

I was just reading an article by Mark Henderson from Times Online about the 5 Simple Things to a Healthy Life:

Steps to happiness

Developing relationships with family, friends, colleagues and neighbours will enrich your life and bring you support

Be active
Sports, hobbies such as gardening or dancing, or just a daily stroll will make you feel good and maintain mobility and fitness

Be curious
Noting the beauty of everyday moments as well as the unusual and reflecting on them helps you to appreciate what matters to you

Fixing a bike, learning an instrument, cooking – the challenge and satisfaction brings fun and confidence

Helping friends and strangers links your happiness to a wider community and is very rewarding 

 Well after reading this list I can truly say that I spend way to much time on sportsline.com, simply because I think that all of those needs are met while I browse the threads, make entries and comments to blogs, play fantasy sports and interact in the communities.  Hmmmm, I guess I am happy.  Enjoy!

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