Posted on: September 16, 2008 10:32 am

NFC teams are making strides!

Over the last several years the NFL has been dominated by the AFC teams.  I have been reviewing the NFC teams over and over again, mainly for fantasy football reasons and just completely saw the AFC as this powerhouse.  When was it going to end!  Well this season looks to take a big swing back towards the NFC.  The great defenses of some of the storied NFC teams like the Bears, Vikings, Giants, Eagles, etc are finally looking up to the match against the AFC teams.  The best part though is not just the defenses, the offensive talent is also starting to pick up in the NFC.  The best quarterbacks in the game are still Tom Brady (barring a healthy return next season) and Peyton Manning, but the youth coming up the pipeline in Tony Romo, possibly Jason Campbell, Eli Manning and Aaron Rodgers is exciting.  Then there are a lot of skilled position players also coming into the NFC.

All in all, it looks exciting again for NFC teams! 

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